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Free Shipping in Orders of $100 or more

SM Arnold Speedy Foam Polishing Pad, 9-inch

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9" Diameter - Fits 7" Hook and Loop Backing Plate
Hook and Loop Backing
1" Pad Depth
Recessed Back

Black Foam - Eliminates swirl marks and prevents paint burning or greying. 

Features loop backing which speedily attaches to a 7" hook backing plate.

Cool-It pads have a specially designed pattern cut in the foam which opens up as the polishing machine is in operation relieving pressure on the painted surface to "cool-it". This traps excess polish and compound and keeps the surface lubricated to help prevent swirls, paint burning, separation and greying.

Includes a Self Centering Pilot Tool to help align the backing plate onto the pad perfectly every time.

Speedily attaches to 7" Hook Backing plate